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Kids Classes

We offer classes for kids that are one hour long, broken up into warm ups, instruction time, and skill-based games. We currently offer kids gi, no gi, and muay thai classes.  

These classes are a mix of the following:

  • Warm ups that will teach them how to move their body; such as front/back rolls, shrimping, bear crawls, and break falls
  • Educational Games: learning how to sprawl, playing judo tag, and a variety of games that teach them how to use their BJJ skills in a fun way
  • Instructional Time: we break up our instruction time with related games and drills that help them build their skills and allow them time to build up their ability to focus

We have loaner uniforms available for kids of all ages at no charge.

Our kids classes are generally recommended for ages 5-14. We are flexible with age requirements as it can vary depending on the size, maturity, and ability of the student. We generally recommend beginning around age 5, and moving to the adult class around age 15. However, this is treated on an individual basis. Feel free to speak to us if you have questions about which class is best for your child and when. 

Our kids classes are focused on giving kids the opportunity to learn how to grapple while also having fun and enjoying their time in class. Jiu jitsu can be a very fun sport, and we like to balance having fun with learning and staying active. 

Benefits of Kids Classes:

  • Build physical fitness in a fun way and burn excess energy
  • Develop focus, discipline, and respect
  • Make friends and learn how to interact with others
  • Learn a new skill that has potential for long term development

Belt Testing/Promotions:

  • All kids start with a white belt
  • As they learn more techniques and show improvement, stripes will be awarded at the coach's discretion, typically every couple of months
  • There are four stripes per belt
  • The kids belt system is white, gray, yellow, orange, and green before they are eligible to move to the adult belt system at age 16
  • Kids must test for their belts. Our coaches have a list of techniques that kids must perform correctly during a belt test in order to receive their next belt
  • There is also a beginner and advanced version of each belt (signified by a white bar and black bar through the belt) that do not require testing
  • While we do expect kids to learn certain basic techniques, promotions are customized to each child, their progress, and their journey through the sport

Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding our kids classes.

Belt Tying for Parents:

Our coaches are always willing to help tie belts, but parents often request to learn how to tie their child's belt. Our main kids class instructor, Krysta, filmed a video laying out step by step how to tie a belt on someone else: 

Free Trial

Free Trial

We offer a one-week free trial to all new students. Please fill out the form below to sign up.

Feel free to email or text us with any questions: 608-886-9390/


If this is your first BJJ class, see our FAQ section for more information about your first class and what to bring/expect.

Thank you for your interest, we look forward to seeing you on the mats!